Do it, do it now.

I’ve mentioned in a few of my posts how I’m currently following Slimming World. It is the best plan I’ve found, I can still stuff my face and lose weight. Some days I eat TWO curly wurlys, a bacon sandwich and a big bowl of pasta with cheese and still lose weight. Mental.

So I thought, as it’s January, new year and all that, there’d be a few people looking for a place to start their weight loss. So this is my kind of “essential” list of some food you’ll need, some bits and bobs to help you on your way, and some Instagram accounts you might want to follow for inspiration or even to have a good moan to.

Let’s start with the best bit: food.

These are just examples of stuff I use and eat, so if you don’t fancy something I’ve mentioned you can always replace it for whatever you like, within reason of course.

  • Frylight. Syn free oil spray to fry your BACON. You can eat bacon my lovelies! 
  • Muller Light yoghurts. Most are syn free, but double check. They’ve brought out “Cake Shop” inspired ones, you can get them at Iceland (the shop in the UK, don’t worry you haven’t got to take a plane ride every week for these beauties), they’re so nice.
  • Frozen veg. Much easier to chuck this in a mug, tablespoon of water, plate over the top and ram it in the microwave for 3 minutes. Quick, easy, no chopping your fingers off either.
  • Frozen fruit. Same as above, and you can just dump it onto a Muller Light yoghurt, with a bit of my next essential.
  • Choc Shot! It’s made by a company called Sweet Freedom. They’ve got a few flavours, but I mainly buy the normal chocolate one. It’s on offer for £2.50 in ASDA, and it’s 0.5 syn’s per teaspoon. Chocolate in any form is brilliant, but when I can cover my breakfast in this and only use 1 syn, it’s even better.
  • Oats. You can get a bag of rolled oats in Lidl for like, 29 pence I think. You can have 40g as your Healthy Extra B, and you can use them for so many things. My favourite at the moment is baked oats with a bit of Choc Shot in the middle. Warm and filling!
  • Sweetener. If using shit loads at one time (like, more than a tablespoon) it’s synned at 0.5 syns per tbsp. But if you’re just having a teaspoon or two in cups of tea and coffee, you’re safe. I use the Hermesetas tablets for when I’m out and about (it’s in my handbag, little tip) and the granulated Hermesetas for when I’m in the house.
  • Coffee! This is an essential to me whether I’m losing weight or not. There’s some fab flavoured coffee that’s syn free. Check out the Beanies coffee range, there’s so many delicious tasting ones you’ll be spoilt for choice.
  • Fruit tea. This is how I get a lot of my of water intake from when I’m in the house. Lidl do a lovely range, I’ve got raspberry and peach at the moment, it’s so nice.
  • Eggs. Get lots of eggs, you’d be surprised how many you’ll go through.
  • Wholemeal bread. 60 grams of ANY wholemeal bread can be your Healthy Extra B.
  • Lean meat. Chicken with the skin taken off, less than 5% fat mince, turkey, ham with all visible fat trimmed off is syn free!
  • Fresh fruit. Great for when you’re walking past the kitchen and get a bit peckish. My favourites at the moment are bananas, clementines, raspberries and apples.
  • Chopped tomatoes. A lot of the Slimming World recipes are tomato based, and it’s speeeeed food!
  • Pasta. Just, carbs.
  • Rice. Make a chicken fried rice, just like the takeaways!
  • Low syn chocolates. Best bet’s are Freddo’s for 5 syns, Curly Wurly’s for 6, a Galaxy Ripple for 8.5. Ahhh I am loving this way of losing weight.
  • Low syn crisps. If you’re more of a savoury person than a sweet, there’s some low syn crisps for when the munchies strike. A pack of Space Raiders are 6 syns, and French Fries are 4.5.
  • Herbs. Your spice rack will be overflowing, a quick warning. Make sure you read what herb you’re picking up, I thought I was sprinkling cinnamon over my baked oats. It was fucking CUMIN. Yuck.
  • Options hot chocolate sachets. They’re 2 syns each for most of them, and they’re gorgeous. If I’ve got any of my milk from my Healthy Extra A left, I have it with this. Creamy and chocolatey.

There’s loads of things that you can pick up that are syn free or low syn, these are just my essentials. Now for some things you might need to pick up on your way to skinny Minnie.

  • Weighing scales. There’s not much weighing and measuring with Slimming World, but you’ll need some to weigh your oats, bread, and thing’s you might want to syn… I picked up some for 6 quid in Asda.
  • Food diary! These can be absolute lifesavers. If you write down everything you eat, you can check what’s going wrong if you’re not seeing the results you want. I take my food diary shopping with me so I can see what I eat the most of. One of my favourites is this from Bite it Write it. Their Instagram is @biteitwriteit, and you can use my code ‘gabriellesw96’ for 10% off.
  • Water bottle. Drinking more water will help the lbs to shift. I love the HydrateM8 bottles, but they can be pretty expensive. I’m just using a cheap pound one from B&M until my loan comes in. Skint student problems…
  • Hand blender/food processor. These are must haves for soups! You can buy soup makers too, that can either do a soup smooth or chunky. Definitely asking for one soon.
  • Airfryer. These can be a bit pricey, but if you can pick one up cheap, they’re amazing! The chips that come out of them are sooo good. I’ve got the Halo+, but Aldi have this one in store on Thursday this week for £29.99. So the 5th, get your bottoms down to Aldi.

Finally.. Instagram has some of the best Slimming World support out there. It really keeps my arse firmly in gear, especially because I don’t go to group. Go ahead and follow these lovely Slimming Worlders, and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

Oh and my Instagram is @gabrielle.sw96_x.

I hope this gives you a little nudge in the right direction, or even a forceful push if that’s what you need.


Drastic times call for drastic measures.

When you hear the word student, most people instantly think skint. You would be correct with that stereotype on the most part. Literally so poor I’m wrapping up Twistees for my boyfriend, poor bugger. 

I’ve got him other things but this is just to bulk up his presents. It was either this or wrap each pair of socks individually, and I can’t be fucked for that.

Also, yes I’m wrapping at quarter to 11 on Christmas Eve. Don’t judge me, I’m a last minute Larry. 

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas my darlings, make sure you eat all the food. 

Kiss my ass, Southern Rail

So we’ve travelled down to the south coast for Christmas, and we’re spending it with my boyfriends grandmother and parents. This means, travelling. From South Wales to Brighton and then down a bit. Now, I’m a girl from the South Wales valleys, I barely go to Cardiff and that’s just to go in Primark to pick up some new socks and leggings.

Then I met my Other Half and I’ve been to London, Brighton and Malta, and I genuinely cannot cope with travelling. I hate getting the pissing bus to uni never mind trains, planes and buses everywhere. It just winds me up. 

So imagine my absolute horror when we got on the train in Cardiff, got to fucking Bristol and realised my NO, there’s no train from Fratton to Brighton. And we’d have to do four hours on a bus and arrive in Brighton pissing hell knows when. Just no.

So we hopped off the train in Bristol, booked a train to London, went from Paddington to Victoria, got on the train from there to Brighton. Then another train for another 15 minutes then half an hour on the bus. 

While I’m running round the stations, I have a little non-scale victory. My knickers and leggings are at least a size too big for me. So there’s me, in my boots leggings and big ass coat, carrying round a ball of wool bigger than my head and an extra two bags of crap, constantly having to pull my trousers and knickers up. I had a good 5 tantrums trying to run and pull em up. So if anyone saw me running through Cardiff, Bristol, Paddington, Victoria or Brighton station pulling my trousers up and nearly crying or shouting, I don’t apologise. 

So now I’m an extra 80 quid down (I’m coming for you, Southern Rail), I’ve come on a trip with clothes that keep falling down and I’m hungry. Fuck my life.

I’ll write a proper post later today or tomorrow, super busy gal at the moment.

Ultimate Friday Night

I know a lot of people’s ultimate Friday night’s consist of going out and spewing their ring up in the gutter at about 2am. Now I love a night out just as much as the next person, the pre-drinks, the screaming whenever R-Kelly’s “Ignition” comes on, and the big fat greasy kebab and chips at the end of the night. Or maybe cheesy chips with garlic sauce. Maybe even both, if it’s been a heavy night and you have A LOT of alcohol to soak up.

Most of the time though, I genuinely can’t be fucked. I’ve rounded up my favourite series to binge watch, and some supplies that are Essential with a capital E.

Buckle up your seat belts, time for a trip through my ultimate binge watch series. In no particular order, because I stressed myself out trying to rank them.

1. F.R.I.E.N.D.S


The ULTIMATE nostalgia trip. The early series have the worst 1990’s outfits and hair. It’s always a show that I can mindlessly watch and know I’ll be able to have a giggle no matter if I’m in the worst mood. Unless it’s the last ever episode, then I’m a blubbering mess. And there’s so many episodes! Binge to your hearts content.

2. Law and Order: SVU


This man is brilliant. Detective Tutuola, A.K.A The O.G – Original Gangster (my gangster rap knowledge is pretty ace for a 20 year old woman from South Wales, but I’ll do another post on that), Ice-T! This series follows New York’s Special Victims Unit. The crimes they investigate can be pretty gruesome, so please don’t watch if you’re not comfortable with this. But it’s one of my all time favourite shows, and Olivia Benson is the most bad ass woman ever.

3. Criminal Minds


The cutest MF’er of em all is definitely Spencer Reid, the goofy one in the middle. The man’s a God – damn genius. Anyway, this series has a good like 12 seasons to binge on. It also follows pretty gruesome story lines, so exercise some common sense. The cute relationships that they all have really make you smile. Garcia rocks too.

4. Bob’s Burgers


If you want to laugh so hard that you can’t breathe, Bob’s Burgers is definitely a good idea. One of the 3 children will be your spirit animal (mine’s Louise, my boyfriend’s is Gene’s) and you may let out a lil’ bit of wee while watching. There’s a good few seasons to get you through a gloomy weekend.

5. Gavin and Stacey


This is one of the best British sitcoms of all time. You may need my previous post to understand some of the Welsh slang. James Corden stars, before he became a big name in the USA he was just Smithy over here. Honestly, it will make you giggle until you wee.

Right, so there’s a good few hours of TV to watch there. Now for some supplies.

  • Something to cwtch.
  • Candles.
  • Hot cup of tea/chocolate.
  • Comfy pyjamas.
  • Blankets.
  • Food.
  • Knitting (or some crafty thing).
  • Remotes and chargers.

Even better if you have a hot bubble bath, a carb fest for dinner (I’m thinking chips and fish fingers and beans), and then get comfy ready for an evening of bliss.


Writers block

Literally like what.. my 4th post and I’m stuck for ideas?! 

I dunno I guess I’ll just chat some bollocks.

Just realised I’ve got 3 assignments due after the Christmas holidays. Yeah that’s fab. Totally NOT GOING TO HAVE A BREAKDOWN.

I submitted my first essay on Monday, I ended up so stressed my chin exploded in spots.

Today I’ve cleaned the house… Every room. Gold star for me. Washings piled up to my pissing eyeballs but what’s new. So unorganised.

I’ll try my best to rack my brains for a decent post, but for now I hope you all have a lovely Friday, look after yourselves.

I’ll leave you with some pictures of my journal, it’s pretty crap but I think it’s cute.

An explanation.

I’m from the Welsh valleys. I live in a little town about 30 minutes from Cardiff. Honestly, us Welsh people have the most bizarre slang, it’s ridiculous. My boyfriend’s English – Maltese, and even after nearly 2 years he still can’t understand me sometimes.

So, I’ve decided to do a post to explain some of the strange words or saying you might see in my post. I’ll do my best to explain!

1 – Lush

Most people hear lush and think “Ah, like some luscious leaves” or something along them lines. Us lot, us sheep shaggers, we hear “lush” and think… Well we just think something’s lush. It’s hard to explain. Like, really good or really cute. It can be used like “Aw that’s a lush dress” or “You’re so lush” (I say that regularly to my boyfriend). It’s just a lush word.

2 – Mun 

Right this word is the hardest to explain. It’s kind of used to exaggerate things, and can be used as a good or a bad thing. Like, if I were to say “It was lush mun” I’d be saying it was like really really good or cute. If I were to say “Oh for pissing hell’s sake mun” it normally means I’m annoyed.

3 – Cwtch

A cwtch is a Welsh persons’ cuddle. But it’s more than a cuddle it’s a cwtch. Like a wrap yourself up or just nuzzle into someone. You can leave your worries at the door when you have a cwtch. It’s the best.

4 – Uch a fi!

Uch a fi! That’s disgusting. Minging. Smelling. It’s just a word to describe something rank or foul. You’ve got to like, kind of growl the “ch” out. I can’t describe how to pronounce it, it’s strange.

5 – I’m not being funny, but…

I’m pissed me off and now I’ve got something to say about it. “I’m not being funny, but you’re a knob”.

6 – Tamping

If I’m tamping, I’m angry. Like “my boyfriend ate the last of the Ben and Jerry’s, now I’m tamping”.

7 – Where you to?

Where are you? It reallllly winds some people up, because of the absolute shit grammar. But the Welsh aren’t known for their grammar. They’re mostly known for shagging sheep, and having lots and lots of hills.

Well, I hope I’ve managed to explain them right. If you ever don’t understand, let me know because, as I say, this is a weird country. But it’s lush.

Also, you should all go watch Gavin and Stacey. It’s a comedy about an English bloke and a Welsh girl meet, and it’s honestly so funny.



Turning 20

I turned 20 yesterday! Can’t quite believe I’ve made it to 20 years considering all the stupid shit I do.

Anyway, so I turned 20. My boyfriend bought me the blu-ray box set of Harry Potter, and my parents bought me Harry, Ron’s and Hermiones’ wands in cute satin lined boxes! Best birthday ever.

I’m no longer a teenager! I have to be an actual responsible adult.. Terrifying. Bills are the worst.

I also had money for my birthday off family, and I bought 2 400 gram balls of wool and some cute bamboo needles. Currently knitting the first patch of my blanket. Well, my second blanket. This one is gonna be stitched together properly though, the first one is full of dropped stitches and gaping holes where I’ve stitched it together!

Eeek, the deadline for my first assignment for uni is looming, I better move my ass.


Looking after yourself


Self care. Self care? When I first heard of the idea of self care, I thought it was bollocks. Absolute bull poop.

Well, I was wrong. Last night, after writing my first ever blog post  (eek!!), I had a hot steamy bath with white jasmine candles. I put my Destiny’s Child play list on Spotify, and sung my little heart out in the bath. I scrubbed and soaked and washed my hair twice because it felt so good..

We’ve recently moved, so this was the first time in my new bath. I can lay down in it, and move without creating an ocean on the bathroom floor.. fat people problems.

I got out of the bath and felt a million pounds. So I’m not really sure what the point of this post was, apart from to tell you to DO YOU BOO. Even if it’s a hot bath with Destiny’s Child playing, a whole afternoon doing crosswords (a new thing I’ve been doing), or playing video games for the whole day. Just do what you have to, and make sure you’re okay.

In my first post ever I said I didn’t think anyone would read this, but apparently it reached Bosnia! Now, for a nobody from South Wales, that’s pretty cool.

No idea how to finish, uh bye guys!

First post, ever.

No idea what to say here, so I’ll pretend I’m introducing myself to you all (Ha, like anyone’s gonna read this). I’m 19 years old, and live in Wales. I currently study Sociology at USW. I live with my boyfriend of 2 years (nearly). We’ll call him D. I am trying to lose weight with Slimming World, although I do it from home, so I lose 2 lbs I put 5 back on. Still, it’s a start. I struggle a lot with my mental health, however our absolutely wonderful NHS is struggling at the moment, so I’m still stuck in limbo with a “proper” diagnosis. I knit, and crochet, but I can only really do scarves and blankets.. Wow I sound like such a weirdo. Oh, I also can’t wear matching socks because it makes the day go all funny. Even if I’m blindfolded, I can tell if I’m wearing odd socks or not. See, weird.

No idea why I’m writing this, I know I’ll get bored in a week or two and give up as usual.. But if anyone is reading this, hey, and uh, you’re cool.